Who Am I

I am an immigrant who has lived in multiple countries throughout his life, a CTO, a failed theoretical physicist, an entrepreneur, an inventor, an AI enthusiast , a lifelong learner, most importantly, a father who will not give up fighting for his daughter.

I am a father whose daughter has been kidnapped by the mother of his child and the Canadian Government, and has been abused since. A father who hasn’t seen his daughter for over 3 and a half years despite his best efforts and having committed no crinimal offence, not even a single one. A man whose life was upended by the racist, sexist, rapist, child-abusing, immigrant exploiting Canadian Government. A man who will spent his remaining days to ensure that no other child gets abused by and no individual suffers the tyranny of this monstrous government.

No, I am not angry. I am furious, I am defiant! Not because I am have delusions of grandeur, but because I am desperate. I am desperate to have my child back, I am desperate to save her from the torture she has been put through since early days of her life. I am desperate to make sure that no other child goes through what my baby has, no other parent suffers what I have. I am desperate to change the way this world works so I can finally find peace and have the full night’s sleep I couldn’t for years.

It doesn’t matter where this all goes, it doesn’t matter that this is how the system works, it doesn’t matter that people don’t care, I am a father who will spend the rest of his days trying.

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