Drawing the line

Where does a father draw the line between protecting his child from abuse and trying to heal his mentally ill, narcissistic / megalomaniac (assessed by a doctor of psychology) wife after years of struggle? To what extend should he go in confronting his wife to put an end to the abuse she is subjecting her own child to? What can he do against the tyranny of a government that not only separated him from his baby and put him through immeasurable humiliation and suffering, but also helped his mentally ill wife to kidnap his daughter when this government is also the government of the country he has to immigrate to to be with his baby?

I ask you, especially you Canadians, what would you have done if a government scammed you out of your good life with lies, took everything you have, enslaved you, tortured you, dehumanized you for years; forced you to making a choice between starvation and homelessness, and being with your infant child; most importantly, helped kidnapping of your child and made it impossible for you to get her back with illegal, inhumane games? What would you do to that government if you were capable of responding in kind? What would you do if you have tried every legal option under the sun and nothing worked? Would you rather be a good mother or father and force that government to return your child by using all the means available to you or would you rather be a good human being and abandon your child by either ending your own life as some do or by running away?

I chose to fight until I exhausted every possibleĀ option under the sun to get back to my daughter through legal channels. I’ve spent over 5 years to set things straight yet haven’t been able to see my daughter for 3 and a half years now after she was kidnapped by her mother and the Canadian Government. I chose to be a good man over being a good father and did not retaliate in kind, in the way that this racist, sexist, rapist, child abusing, immigrant exploiting, lawless, monstrous government deserves.

Give me an honest answer Canada, what would you do if a foreign, rogue government, let’s say Saudi Arabia, has done all that to you and to your child? Have I made the right choice?

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